Nineteen presenters and ten workshops kept the audience's attention thoughout the day. In addition, click on the links below:

Main Lecture Hall of the Centre

The one hundred attendees listened to outstanding speakers throughout the day.

Main lecture hall

Main Foyer of Centre

The 30 foot high foyer was used for training with the Nudura block as well as various workshops and supplier displays.

Main foyer


Shawn McDaniel of Squamish Prefab discusses his installation techniques with participants in his workshop.

Shawn McDaniel

Placing the Concrete & Helix

Katherine Chevier of LafargeHolcim explained in her presentation how SCM materials can replace cement and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the cement production process. In this slab mix the SCM was 30%, thereby reducing CO2 emissions significantly. The concrete was placed and finished beautifully by Sutherland Concrete. Notice in the insert photo that there are Helix fibers showing on the surface.

Our thanks to LafargeHolcim for donating the excellent concrete + Helix.

No Helix


Chris Mattock MRAIC, Principal,HDC Ltd.

Presentation Download: The Past and Future of Green Housing

Chris Higgins, Green Building Planner, City of Vancouver

Presentation download: City of Vancouver Green Initiatives

Ken Carrusca, Vice President, Cement Association of Canada

The Greening of Concrete

Marcel Studer, Principal, Econ Group

Presentation download: The Passive House and Green Foundations

John Slowski, Regional Sales Manager, Nudura

Presentation downloads: Nudura Overview and Projects, Nudura® Installation Manual

Stephen Gabbott, CAD Manager, Vancouver ICF

Designing with ICFs

Shawn McDaniel, Squamish Prefab; Greg Hanberry, Cirrus Homes

Brian Hubbs, P Eng, RDH Engineers

Presentation Download: Building Envelope Design and Testing with ICFs

James Kelly, Technical Representative, Soprema Canada

Presentation download: Soprema Building Envelope Materials for ICFs

Kathleen Chevier PEng, Manager of Quality Control, LafargeHolcim

Presentation download: The Greening of Concrete

Barry Metzner, Production Manager, LafargeHolcim

Chuck Wilson, Training & Market Development Manager, Polytorx Inc.

Presentation download: Helix Micro Rebar

Brian Maver, Principal, Wicke Herfst Maver Engineers

Green engineering, Helix and Innovative Composite Floor System

Douglas Bennion, Training Manager, Green Roofs

Presentation download: Green Roofs for Sustainable Housing

Tony DiGiovanni, National Director, Bailey Metal Products

Presentation download: Comslab Presentation